In a move that could have significant impact on certain agricultural operations, DPR is proposing a new regulation that would give further protections to children when agricultural pesticides are applied within a quarter mile schools and child day-care facilities. The proposed regulation would require advance notification when certain pesticides are applied within a quarter mile of schools or child day-care facilities. DPR is seeking further public comment on the proposed regulation.

The proposed regulation would do the following:

  • Prohibit many pesticide applications within a quarter mile of public K-12 schools and child day-care facilities from Monday through Friday between 6am and 6pm. These include all applications by aircraft, sprinklers, air-blast and all fumigant applications. In addition most dust and/or powder pesticide applications such as sulfur would also be prohibited during this time.
  • Require California growers and pest control contractors to notify public K-12 schools and child day-care facilities and county agricultural commissioners (CACs) when certain pesticide applications are made within a quarter mile of these schools and facilities.

Under the proposed regulation, California growers would be required to provide two types of notifications to a school or child day-care facility:

  • An annual notification that lists all the pesticides expected to be used during the upcoming year. This must be provided to the school or child day care facility administrator by April 30 each year. The notice must include among other things including name of product, map of field treated, contact information of grower and County Ag Commissioner, web address of National Pesticide Information Center for additional sources and facts.
  • An application-specific notification which must be provided to the school or child day-care facility 48 hours before each application is made. This begins Jan 1 2018 and must include among other thing the name of product being applied and the active ingredient, specific location of application and number of acres to be treated and the earliest time of application.

Sign on to notify the California Department of Pesticide Regulation that you oppose this proposed draft 
regulation due to the fact that current regulations on the federal, state and county levels ensure every measure is taken to assure pesticides are used in a safe manner

You have the opportunity to tell DPR in person how you feel about these regulations! If you are interested in testifying at one of the three public hearings on this regulation call our offices at (559)252-0684 or click here for more information.

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